Monday, November 19, 2007

Enter the Dragon- IIMB

Ever wondered what brought you into IIMB? This might be close to the criterion used in our times -

The results of X and XII standard of a candidate accounts for 25 per cent of the score, while the bachelor’s degree accounts for 15 per cent. Maximum weightage of 35 per cent is given to group discussion, group discussion summary and personal interview, while the remaining 5 per cent is for work experience and whether the candidate has taken any other professional course like accountancy.

To be called for the interview round, a candidate should be in the top 15 per cent scorers in each section of the CAT. Candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and disabled applicants need to be in the top 50 per cent in the logic and quantitative sections and top 45 per cent in verbal section.


Source - The Hindu

Later addition -- IIMB website has a more detailed explanation of the process

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Gayatri said...

When they weight bachelor's degree at 15%, do they take the absolute score or do some sort of a rationalization based on the course? If its the absolute score, that would be an easy way to explain why there were more science/engg. students than say arts or commerce students. A first division may be excellent in arts, moderate in Commerce and average in engg. Also do class X, XII take into account if its CBSE/ISC/State boards? Again, a lot of State boards may be quite lenient compared to CBSE.