Monday, November 26, 2007

Sound's good - New Music Room on Campus

News for anthony, cheetah, usha, akg and all music fans from our batch.
This was caught flashing on the (largely defunct) alumni website -

After a long wait, the endeavor to completely revamp the music facilities on campus has been successfully completed. IIM Bangalore now has a soundproofed music room (in L base) completely equipped with state of the art musical instruments. No more dilapidated instruments and ad-hoc practice venues, we now boast the best music facilities across all the IIM’s in the country. This should give a huge fillip to the immense musical talent that we have on campus.


Gayatri said...

wow! this is awesome.

anthony basumatary said...

nice to know, Alam! Looks like IIMB is hell bent on producing ever more 'well-rounded' personalities :)