Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Status check?

Guys and girls,

Its been slightly more than three years since we all left the illustrious batch of 2004. What about a quick status check on the whereabouts of the people in our batch? Who has moved on across different firms? Who is the most stable? Who has started up?

Some trivia that I thought could be interesting -
1) Max changes so far - Puni Maruti (5th job currently)
2) Start ups so far - 8? (Subodh, Veena, Ravipratap, Alam, Mahendru, Arjun, Nava, K2??)
3) Mode of job no. for most of our batch (based on a totally unscientific sample set) - 3
4)# of people still with employer from campus - ?? (my hypothesis would be <10% - in fact I can count Vidya, Ashgo, the ATK junta less Mragank, the Temasek duo, Sood, Ranga, Puneet Agarwal, Kholu, Rahul Das, Shani, Gangrade, Mutha, Keku - which is already pretty close to 10%)
5) City with max. strength of 2004 batch - Mumbai
6) Most favored sector - ?? (no clue, my guess would be Finance / Banking, close runner up IT)
7) Most unknown status - Harsh Lehman

I wonder how these statistics could be made more meaningful / accurate. Updating the database on the yahoogroup could be one way out, although I found it did not work for my IIT batch group. Any ideas??


bonkers said...

Good one Vishesh... One way of getting the data would be to have a couple of polls set up (i did that with our yahoo group aeons ago, most props goog will have it too), which would give a feel on numbers.

Suggested polls:
1) Employed / Startup / Vela :)
2) This is your xth employer?
3) City?
4) Sector?
5) How many campus contacts do you have on your cell? :):)

Aashish said...


Couple of additions to your blog entry-

1)Amongst the ATK junta, pecky, apart from Mringy, had moved on.

2) Harsh Lehman Aggarwal is still with Lehman Brothers. he moved from their NYC office to their Asia office. This was true as of beginning of 2007. dont know after that.

Sanjay said...

Some more additions:-

Adding to that <10% list who are still sticking on with their campus employer.....Anurag Hans, Ushashis and me are still with ITC, Gurani I guess is still with Reckitt, Rishi is with HLL....Kotler is with Kotak, Sounak is with Amex or Ameriprise as he wud prefer to call it....

Sanjay Singh (9831055911)

Nothing Spectacular said...

Rumour has it that Kotler has moved from Kotak... and I had counted Sounak to be on job #2 (same as Teja)
Lekin asli sawal ye hai ki Sanjay Singh, where are you? Good to see you (hear from you) after so long...last I'd heard you were in Bangalore. Still there?

Amit Gokhale said...

Me still with Asian Paints !!! Boy.. 3 years seems to be a longggg time...

Amit said...

me still with ML;

Last saw Harsh Lehman in last June in Hong Kong when his wife was away;

junta am in banngalore next tuesday night; please let me know if anybody wants to catch up?

Subodh G. Vinchurkar said...

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Alam said...

I met about 14 batchmates at Bombay (not a random sample) about half were still sticking with their first jobs...

Interesting HMMMM