Monday, June 18, 2007

G aur V ki Shaadi

As per Tanweer's instructions , here is a aankon dekha haal of Gayatri and Vishesh's wedding

The wedding was an afternoon affair at Tivoli Garden's near Chatarpur mandir. I, in fact, was one of the early arrivals - reached there by 12, guess just could not wait for the good food. The guest started to trickle in by around 12.30 and baraat arrived in a bus sometime around 1. Vishesh himself arrived in a neatly decorated car ( no horse riding or band baja was possible in that heat).He was looking great in his white sherwani and red duppatta equivalent for guys ( I don't know what is the right term for that duppatta..??).
Yours truly was given the onerous task of co-ordinating with the DJ to make sure right kind of welcome music is played as and when the bride and groom arrives, and also signal the bride to start for the wedding hall once the groom is settled (now I can brag to their kids that had it been not for me the wedding would not have happened..;)...). Anyways, so once Vishesh was settled Gayatri was brought in by her friends to the hall. She was looking absolutely gorgeous in traditional south Indian wedding dress. This was followed by Jaymaal where Vishesh had to attempt three times before he could successfully garland G. As usual the photographers had their say and we got to see some action replays of the act. The feeras happened pretty soon after that and the wedding was over by 4 in the afternoon. Must say that they make a splendid couple and I hope they have a blissful married life. (And oh yes the food was awesome but there were no gulab jamuns..:(..).

The batch attendance at this wedding was far better than the alumni meet, the attendees included - Uncle and Garima, Mringi and Nikki, Kholu, Meen and Kholu Jr. , Nishant Kapoor, Gurani, Mahendru, Groovy and Amit ML Gupta. It was great catching up with out of towners especially with Guptaji - who had some very interesting I-banking stories to tell.Groovy is currently working for the CEO (Middle-East) of the world's biggest energy company - AES and is based out of Dubai.And Nishant Kapoor is enjoying his time at Accenture.

But the star of the day was Kholu Jr. a.k.a munchy, the dude with his penetrating eyes and close cropped hairstyle is going to be one lady-killer. Moreover, he is being trained early in his life where his water is carried in a Smirnoff flask which he drinks off shot glasses - so ladies of 2027 brace yourself beacuse Munchy is gonna set town on fire!!


Alam said...

Thank you Kashew dada tussi great ho.


Aashish said...

Many congrats to Vishesh and G.

And thanks to Nishant for writing the aankon dekha haal of the wedding. I wish i was there too, amidst the bathmates. Kholu's son looks awesome !

Wadhwa (Aashish)

Bland Spice said...

I never realized that G stood for Gorgeous!!!

Help me list the batch unions -

Mahendru - Geetika
Kamini - Joseph
Sameer Chaudhari - Pallavi
Vishesh - G

Alam said...

Lets correct the list and start from the beginning (considering only people who joined with us in 2002 including FPM)

1. Smruti and Shanu (pre-existing)
2. Pallo and Samcho
3. Vid and Maddy
4. Shalu and Ravi Pratap
5. Nidhi and Arjun
6. Geetika and Mahendru
7. Kamini and Jacob
8. G and Vishesh

Now if we take across batches too then we have two more name

i. Leena and Hans
ii. Asha and Fraud

If we also take honorary batchmates (who became batchmates by the virtue of spending a lot of time in IIMB hostels with their future spouses) then we have to also count

a> Meen and Kholu
b> Indrani and Moghe
c> Jyotsna and Sridhar

Vidya said...

Good account Kashyap.. And we ought to have more action in this forum!!

Vidya Venkat

Bland Spice said...

Hmm comprehensive... (how could I forget Vids and Maddy?!?)

Anything bubbling in the pot yet?

PS: Btw, V owes G to me. I deliberately kept my charms under severe check in Tokyo to give the kid a chance.

Nothing Spectacular said...

:-) ha ha gullu you are absolutely right!! I owe you one :-D