Friday, July 27, 2007


Yesterday I got this message on my Mobile

"We have been blessed with a baby girl. We will call her Mannat. Amit Arora(Buddy)"

Good News ... Many Congratulations to Buddy ... This calls for a party (especially since we didn't get one on his marriage).

Also, the news might put an end to the speculations that Buddy never got married at all (Since no one has seen Mrs Amit Arora, many tended to suggest that Buddy had not married at all and the marriage was a fancy story that Buddy was spreading about)

I earnestly call out to all those who have met Mrs Amit Arora to be a good sport and leave a (non-anonymous) comment testifying to her existence.

Lots of love and best wishes to Mannat

1 comment:

Amit said...

Congrats buddy!

Buddy's mannat of getting married.. and fathering 'mannat' have come true!