Friday, June 8, 2007

Kalyan ho

Vishesh Samachaar - Dude is marrying Dudette ... soon Vishesh can legally call out "... ae G sunti ho ..."

here's a reproduce of the invite (with details of "Kalyan Mandapa")

Dear friends,

It's been a long time coming, but the wait has been worth the while :-)

After 4+ years of courtship, Gayatri and I have decided to bring closure to a relationship which had its genesis in the highrises of Tokyo and the portals of L-square, which was compromised by crazy schedules, geographical distances, conflicting career demands, multiple disagreements, mismatched movie preferences(!!) and yet which survived, thrived and strengthened with time.

We are getting married on Sunday, the 10th of June 2007, in Delhi, and it would give us immense pleasure to have each one of you present for the occasion.

Program details are as follows:
Saturday 9th June: Drinks, dinner and dance from 8 pm onwards at the Badkhal Tourist Resort, Faridabad
Sunday 10th June: Lunch and phere at 1pm at the Tivoli Gardens Banquet Hall, Chattarpur Mandir Road, Delhi

Please do let us know your travel plans so that we can make arrangements for your stay, if required.

Hope to see you for the wedding,
Gayatri, Vishesh

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bluesky said...

congrats! where are you goys off to now?