Saturday, April 5, 2008

Getting a proper "Education"

Being totally vela, I paid a visit to Spidi .. which, by the way , has acquired a new logo for it self .. here are the new and the original logo (Thanks to Samcho for digging out the old logo)

On the new look Spidi 3.14 ... I found some interesting stuff on tools currently popular on campus network. One of the tool's description said -

DC++ is the campus per-to-peer file sharing mechanism. Junta share their documents, photos, songs, movies, "educational material" and any other files worthy of sharing through it.
(emphasis are mine)

Educational material ... hmm ...

some things don't change ...

I bet that sharing "educational material" is the most dominant use of DC++ and is even more popular than sharing music ... brings back memories of "body's box office" and "lothlorien" ...

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