Friday, April 11, 2008

Anusmaran 2008 - your help needed

Anusmaran 2008 is round the corner ... We need our smart reporters to hit the venues and get all the juicy gossip and info ... calling Volunteers ... hope Vishesh and Gokhale will continue the brilliant coverage of their cities (we can have new reporters if others are interested in their cities ... just talk to Vishesh and Gokhale) ... Interested folks please write a comment claiming your city ... first come first take ...

Below is the latest update on Anusmaran 2008 from -

Dear IIM Bangalore Alumnus,

The Student Alumni Committee, IIM Bangalore in association with the Executive Committee, IIMBAA, takes immense pleasure in announcing that the Global Alumni Meet - Anusmaran 2008 is being held this year on May 17, Saturday. We invite you to be a part of Anusmaran 2008 and refresh the memories of the wonderful days you spent at IIM Bangalore.

As a part of the event, in addition to the Food, Party, Dance and Masti, we shall be screening a Special Video showcasing the latest happening on campus. Be it Unmaad - The Cultural Festival, Vista - The Business Festival, or the Inter-IIM Sports Meets - all 3 of which we won against IIMA, IIMC and IIMK this year, we have news about all of them and a lot more in store for you at Anusmaran 2008. You for sure would not want to miss this unique opportunity and a chance to relive the days at IIM Bangalore which you have cherished ever since.

The event this year is being organized at 10 Cities World-wide. The City Coordinators for the various cities will be getting in touch with you soon. However, we request you to please drop an e-mail to your respective City Coordinators confirming your availability for the event. In case you are not in your home city on May 17, you are free to attend the event at any other location where it is being organized. Please contact the respective coordinators to make appropriate arrangements for the same.

The Student City Coordinators for the event at the various cities are:

New Delhi
Anirudh Roy Popli:
Parvathi L Nair:

Abhinav Sharma:
Gaurav Jain:

Debabrata Ghosh:

Radhika Tandon:

Hardeep Singh Guru:

Reema Mahajan:
Aastha Sachdeva:

New York
Manaw Mohan:

Hong Kong
Abhay Golecha:

Arup Halder:

Our alumnus, Jhelum Chowdhury shall be coordinating the event at Calcutta. You may contact him at in case you are in Calcutta. The event at Calcutta will happen on May 10, 2008.

We have been fortunate to receive your cooperation and assistance and we are hopeful that you will help us this year as well in making Anusmaran 2008 a memorable one. We would greatly appreciate if you could help us ensure maximal participation by letting your batch-mates, who are not registered with IIMBAA, know about Anusmaran 2008 and invite them to be a part of the event.

See you at Anusmaran 2008. Together lets make it a success!

Student Alumni Committee, IIMB
"Building bridges across times..."

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