Friday, October 10, 2008

Kiran and Deepak's wedding party

Kiran and Deepak celebrated their 3rd year of officially living together. The event was held in Delhi’s prestigious IHC last Sunday evening.

Kiran and Deepak were gracious hosts and the party was very unlike a typical Delhi wedding party where you barely get to meet the bride and groom. Both mingled well with all guests. There was pleasant piped music (no Himesh bhai blaring from speakers). In true American style, both cut a wedding cake (that 3 story types) after which a delicious dinner was served.

Alam, Kholu (and wife, kid), Sailor (and wife, kid), Vivek Gupta, Vishesh and I attended the event. Lack of enthusiasm on part of our batch mates to participate in this event was quite sad. After all, here is someone organizing a get together, giving you free booze and food and a platform to meet other batch mates that too at a central location. And yet people don’t turn up!

Curiously, I was told by unnamed sources (you can guess who was source of such juicy news) that Gullu and Keku , both cancelled their plan to attend this event and instead go off to some place in Gurgaon– just the two of them.


Nothing Spectacular said...

interesting to note that kholu and meen, you and i, and sailor and ruchika are all colour coordinated :-)

Bland Spice said...


This is looking like Alam's retirement party!