Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Forthcoming activities - Mail from the SAC

Dear all,

Greetings from IIMB!

First: Oreintation week for incoming batch of 2009

As part of the orientation week for the incoming batch of 2009 we have a panel discussion scheduled on 28th of June (saturday, Morning) on "Choice of career and career development". The panel discussion is expected to have anywhere between 3 to 10 year senior alumni of IIMB.

The incoming batch, though a mix of people with prior experience and freshers shall immensly benefit if you could spare some time to share your experience and thought process in decision making towards your career. The discussion shall revolve around how best a student can utilise his time on campus towards taking the right decisions in chosing the right path.

The interactive session is expected to last for an hour and a half at the maximum. We shall be obliged if you could forward your details and travel plans so that necessary arrangements can be made in advance.

Second: Ten year alumni re-union at IIMB

We had the '97 batch alumni re-union last year at IIMB during second week of June 2007.
This year we can schedule the re-union on 21st or 28th of June as per convenience of the alumni.
Kindly send in your suggestions on the same and also the confirmation of your participation.

Third: Seminar on Leadership at IIMB on 15th of August

We intend to hold a seminar on leadership on 15th of August at IIMB. For this we shall be inviting alumni of IIMB who are country head or business heads or enterprenuers or social activists- essentially leaders in their respective choice of careers. On the same day perhaps we could have the re-union of '94 batch alumni as well. We are still in the process of giving shape to the event so kindly offer your suggestions on whom we could invite, his/her contact details. extent and scope of the seminar.

An event of such a magnitude would require large scale sponsorhips so please provide us with contact details of people whom we could approach for sponsorship either within our alumni network or outside.

Kindly forward this mail to your batchmates of IIMB and other IIMB alumni you are in contact with.

Thank you.

Best Regards,Student Alumni Committee
"Building bridges across times..."

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Saurabh said...

Can anyone tell me about Natraj who has been my good friend but now is out of contact. We completed MBA in HR in the year 2004.