Saturday, January 19, 2008

After winning over east-coast B conquers west-coast

Here's the story from MBAuniverse

If you thought that management students at India's prestigious institutes were the proverbial bookworms, think again!

Students from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad recently battled it out over not the usual case-studies and quizzes, but thirteen games like cricket, tennis and swimming. IIM Bangalore played host to the sports contingent from IIM Ahmedabad for Sangharsh'08, the second edition of the Annual IIMA-IIMB Sports Meet between January 11-13, 2008.

In an action packed weekend that saw the two teams battle over 13 events that included Badminton, Tennis, Table-Tennis, Volleyball, Throwball, Basketball, Football, Cricket, Chess, and Swimming, IIM Bangalore won 9 events to the 4 won by IIM Ahmedabad, and are now the title holders of Sangharsh.

Earlier, Prof. Pankaj Chandra, Director IIM Bangalore, inaugurated the event.

The outstanding players at Sangharsh'08 were: Badminton - Sagar Thakar, Saumya Krishna (IIMB), and Amreen Sodhi (IIMA); Football - Nishant Gupta, Francis Haokip (IIMB), and Adrian D'Souza (IIMA); Tennis - Sriram Venkiteswaran, Nishant Gupta (IIMB), and Arjun Shetty (IIMA); Cricket - Devender Kumar, Chintan Valia (IIMB); Volleyball - Aditya Gurunath Systla (IIMA); Throwball - Saumya Krishna (IIMB); Snooker - Praneet Chawla (IIMB), and Anubhav Kaul (IIMA); Basketball - Pranay Shetty, Hardeep Singh Guru, Anupam Anurag Kerketta (IIMB); Swimming - Mathew Abraham (IIMB); Chess- Narayana Bhanu Prasad (IIMB), and Anita Kishore (IIMA); and Table-Tennis - Sahan Ray, Lipsa Nayak (IIMA).

IIM Ahmedabad will host the next edition of Sangharsh in January 2008-09.

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Gayatri said...

wot an amazing event! wish we had these events too during our time. it only seems to get better in IIM year after year.