Monday, December 24, 2007

Why its dangerous to be from our batch and visit Manhattan...

You might end up getting shot, or clicked, in various stages of partying... G&V (Gayatri and Vishesh) were in New york for a week, and we dragged them onto our bacchhanalian nights in New york's dive bars - People in attendance - G&V, Pallo & Samcho, Ranga & Purni, Subbu & hema, vikrant & his iPhone, and a nameless bangalore guy who dropped us home -

(l-r:Ranga, samcho, subbu, vishesh, pallavi, vikrant, G)

(clockwise from top left:Pallavi, Purni, Samcho's friend, Subbu, Hema, vikrant, G, Samcho, Ranga)

Vijaysimha and his wife (Neha) also had come down to NYC, as part of their globetrotting (they r gonna be someplace sufficiently snobbish in Europe next year) -

(clockwise from top left: Pramod (our mutual NYC friend), Simha, Subbu, Vikrant, Neha)

(I sent an innocent mail to Alam, and wound up (forcibly) getting volunteered to post these pics...note to myself...never trust a 'nai' with no hair...)


Alam said...

I can spy lingerie (euphemism for lots of BRAs) in the background ... hmm interesting

subbu said...

the place is called coyote ugly...the movie was supposedly based on this place...apparently the bras are taken off by drunk patrons when they dance on the bar (i have seen this happen quite a few times)
go to

watch my blog for some awesome pics of the bartender Nina...she's smoking hot...