Monday, May 21, 2007

Anusmaran 2007 - Chennai story

Anusmaran 2007 - Chennai party will be best remembered (if somebody actually does remember it) as the party that had "almost" everything ...

The meet, which was at top floor of Hotel "Ramada Raj Park" at TTK Road, had arrangements for booze (I stuck to beer, for health reasons), food (with interesting names like "Chow Chow Kottu") and games (again interesting names like "dressing up the mummy"). The only thing lacking was ... the guests

Almost no one showed up... there were something like 10 alumni, plus about 12 students from PGSEM- Chennai batch (Few questions pop in the mind - who are these people and what were they doing at our Alumni meet??) and about 10-15 of the organizing PGP1/2s. Navaneeth Krishnan and I were the only souls from our batch.

Despite the low turnout, speakers took full advantage of the occasion.

There was a long update by Prof RTK {My summary- Even while the profs are being paid peanuts... IIMB has successfully poached faculty from other IIMs....HRD is screwing IIMB (again) and is not giving money for plan/non-plan expenditure(IIMB is using its own funds to run itself) ... and that MDP is a major money spinner - raking in 20 Cr a year}... in the process yours truly did some arbit CP (My question "Are NRIs still getting admissions on the basis of GMAT Scores?" got a politically correct answer)

There was a recorded message by Prof Apte {Gist - donate your money to us}
and a recorded "Chaat" (as in 'kyon "chaat" raha hai baap') by a guy who seemed to be the Alumni Secy.

Then the Manjunath Trust had a presentation on their activities (Gist - Good show on the trial - Murderers got convicted.... Trust has started running an RTI Act helpline). They distributed some stickers (urging people to call RTI helpline)

In the end there was food... nothing great to write home about.

Then only "flashback moment" occurred at the bar counter .... there were cartons and cartons of unused booze ... they brought back memories of a certain Anusmaran 2003 at bombay... at that time, some brave souls had managed to smuggle a huge stash of leftover "anusmaran" booze into our base at Mackichan Hall, Wilson College and then everyone had feasted on it for the rest of the internship ....

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